Our Story

A mum just like you, 4 girls ages 8 weeks - 9 years. Trying to find time in between school drop offs, nursing, house tidying and being with my girls to find them clothes I actually like.

Originally from the UK, my girls brought their ‘British’ wardrobes with them and we soon started to miss the trips ‘up town’ to shop the local finds and little trends that brought a touch of unique Britishness to their outfits. We want to carry on those trends and unique British finds here with pieces your littles will love and a shopping experience you really love!

With kids in tow, finding the time to shop is never easy and if they don’t feel in the mood for a quick changing room fashion show you could have a few return trips on your hands. That’s where we want to free up some time and space for you. At Little Oak and Rose you can shop when you want, have your little ‘try it on fashion show’ in your own home and if it’s not the right look at this time, return it free of charge! Hassle free shopping at your time and place, just what we all need.